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Digital Systems and Content

Including Digital Signage, Video Walls, Content Playback

Lighting Design & Programming

Our initial service is still going strong, full theatre or venue lighting solutions.

Media Playback Programming & Operating

Showing one thing on another thing. We're good at that!

Live Web Streaming and Back-end Solutions

Virtual events, shows, conferences or school reunions, all without meeting people in real life

About Us

We’re a team of professionals who love what we do and have an undying passion for entertainment and modern digital application. Since opening our doors, Pixel Candy has been producing digital content with impeccable quality and supporting events and productions. We do everything in our power to create outstanding content and provide exceptional services for our clients. Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.

We Are Creative

We Are Innovative

We Are Professional

Past Projects

A look at some of our past work and the solutions put in place to deliver a 100% creative, innovative professional project!

Stage Lighting

Production Support – Venue Installations

With a reputation for providing our clients with the right solution to their needs.  From a portable outdoor system to a full venue installation, we will work with you to provide exactly what is required.  We won’t suggest ‘over the top’ or unnecessary items because ‘everybody else has them!’; and we won’t recommend a solution just because it is the cheapest or most expensive.  We rely on our clients telling their associates about our work and intend on having a reputation to allow that to happen

Rollercoaster ride queue video

Visual FX – Ride Queue Video

How do you entertain and inform guests while waiting for a ride at a theme park? An in-ride video. Even more fun when it’s futuristic!

Our Services

We combine everything digital, with every production, into (cliche alert) the one-stop-shop. A vast array of knowledge and experience in creating, providing and maintaining productions, events or services to your clients.

Production Support

Our history of production support includes touring theatre shows, TV work, Entertainment venues and Cruise ships. From logistics all the way to technical implementation, training and operations.
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Web Application and Cloud Integration

From a basic web landing page to a bespoke cloud-based e-commerce solution, with the infrastructure and management to sit back and relax, or get your hands really dirty - the choice is yours!
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Sound, Lighting and Video Equipment Sales

On our-line digital store has the best prices in the market for Sound, Lighting and Video equipment.
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Video on Demand & Live Streaming

Using the top industry equipment and services, we can broadcast live your event, town-hall or meeting live, or set-up a full monetized video-on-demand service accessible to your own company or to the wider public.
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Video Editing and Visual FX

With over 15 years of experience, we can turn your idea into reality, using the latest industry tools, and methods such as green-screen compositing.
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Video Walls

Providing the whole journey from designing, installation and training. Not only the physical screen, but the Pixel Candy studios can create all the playback equipment, and the full content to go with it!
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3D Virtual Walk-throughs

Using Pixel Candy Technology, we have a sister company that can provide full 3D Photography of your venue or property.
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Knowledge is power! And we've gained lots of it. Let us help and advise you. If it's media, digital, entertainment, or virtual we probably have experience of it. Get in touch and let us work together.
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