Adapting to the modern digtial way of life

Do you need to modernise your business, update your existing web-site, or a need to integrate your systems into one customer or staff facing web application. We can help! Some of the services we are are:-
  • Domain Registration and management
  • Secure & Fast Website Hosting services to industry standards.
  • Fully Responsive Design (to suit mobile, tablet & desktop)
  • E-commerce – Sell sell sell!
  • Design to suit your business
  • Secure Payment Gateway (Take Credit/Debit cards securely and safely)
  • User-friendly Content Management Systems (Manage your own content)
  • Secure SSL Certificates
  • Implement existing services, or adapt/create new efficient ways of working
  • Lots of Support (We like Whatsapp – Who doesn’t!)

Streaming Services

Viewing content on demand. Creating Content. Managing Content. Streaming Live?

We can provide the full infrastructure from start to finish. Have a show, but our little enemy (Let’s call them Mr Corona), won’t allow you to have the public see it – Why not put your full show online, and charge tickets to watch. From start to finish (That’s recording the show, to maintaining a streaming video feed), we can manage and provide the whole solution to you, allowing you to sit back and watch the (virtual) crowds watch the show!

Digital Signage

Cloud-based Digital content systems that allow near-instant updates of your digital signage systems.

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